What just happened?

Every once in a while I look back. Exactly a year back just to see how it turned out. And LOL, last year was crazy and this year is just an afterglow effect.

Last year its time I was I'm Mumbai to complete an album, a personal journey that was needed to pull through. My mind was racing with thoughts and memories and the concoction in which it presented itself.

I started writing one song and another and one more and damn! I had an album. And I am glad it came at a point in time where we all had to stay at home and let the corona takes its course. Never thought it would be still dragging kicking and screaming.

For 4 months I was stuck there, I had a chance to reflect on my past, my abilities to talk smooth and to figure out what is more important. food or nicotine. I stayed with two friends of mine. Brothers, the gem of people.

I also got mine at the time. if you know what I mean. coming back to me thinking today about what I did exactly a year back just to connect some dots and have a clear mind.

I know most of us to need to go out to get that stimulation and the raw power of the places and energies. It was also hard for me to write anything down or just play a new chord progression.

I just kept on doing it. failing, tearing the paper down and writing it again. sometimes it sounded like something else sometimes it sounded like I was there. in it. living the words I wrote.

Just like any normal sane man, I was all over the place and my songs in themselves contradicting. It helped me to do this and understand that. Bla Bla Bla.

Looking back it was not fun at all but the survival was worth it. The album is still in making. there’s no specific genre or a style. What it is, is my storytelling mixed with my angst, lust, love, loneliness and end.

And after that period, I could write nothing. Nothing really came out of me and I knew it. So, I didn't even try for almost 6 months. in those 6 months, a lot of things changed as they should because something real is in constant change. Then I started going out meeting people. new people, different energies I attract now. and it feels really fucking fantastic. I mean love motorhead but the chase isn't better than a catch. LOL. Bad pun.

My laptop was dead for a year. just got a second hand one. The indie artist life. When I heard my songs after almost a year, I was like “Damn G, you really went all out. because people are either gonna love you or tey to cancel you. LOL.” Polarising as they say. And that’s when I understood, the more real and close to you the crazy the people will make you be.

I’ve come a long way and I have to go a long way too. maybe it’s just a stay here for a while and then go Jhonny go!

The time is coming I can feel it. I've seen the light and I'm basking in it. Things are on their way, what’s mine will be forever mine and I killed my darlings while making the album. still in the process. Maybe I'm just ahead of my time.

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