Lonely boy

This boy is alone. Why is he though? He’s not an introvert neither he has a problem keeping long term relationships.

Maybe he understands way too much and in that setting, one can only be left alone. He just has a handful of friends, most of them call them his friends but he knows it's not true. They either want what he has or want to drain him out of all the knowledge and the wit he possesses.

He's, not some academic rockstar. He failed twice in the 12th. His works are only been acknowledged by people who are like him. and there are not much like him. So he knows he’s bound to be alone even when he is surrounded by people praising him. his back looks like people have been sticking his knife in him constantly and he doesn't even have someone like Ceaser had. just so he can say “ye to brtuts”

As he grew, he heavily worked on his emotional intelligence before it was a mainstream thing. In that, he came to understand things and nothing was the same. When you have a high intellect and work mostly on EQ world becomes more predictable, people’s intentions become more transparent. Reading energies becomes a game and the game which you don't want to play but there it is. Letting you know their true colours.

Friendships, intimate relationships, just some fuckery for a while. everything becomes just an act of letting go because when he called them out on their bullshit, he’s been thrown down to the road of toxic personality. Which is funny init itself. He’s always been open about his intentions and knows what he wants and can’t stand that pointing fingers bullshit because he knows his flaws and is working on it every single day while others are just replaying the same thing again and again. Their favourite hits, so to say because they can't swallow the fact that there is a problem in them and he is just trying to help.

So he decided to live and let die. He doesn't like that a bit because he wants everyone he meets to be the best of themselves, to understand their mistakes and if they can rectify it do that if not, accept it and move on but not getting triggered every single time when that emotion or the setting or anything reminds them of that time. they are just pushing people away.

His childhood trauma is still lingering and he is still learning to let that go and love his parents for who they are and not what they did once upon a time because he’d never know what was going on in their mind. the only thing he knows is that if he plans on starting his own family, he’s gonna use his father’s teaching which he taught unknowingly on what not to do. He doesn't hate his father, that would be unsavoury and unbecoming of him.

For now, he’s okay being alone because he knows, great things take time. the secret is to get up and filter out the noise. Good or bad. get back up and walk the road, make the road better for others to travel.

He has also kinda found someone smart, funny, makes her own money and beautiful. But he’s not gonna tell how or when or why or who. because people are stupid. people throw negative energy. sometimes they don't even notice. Until an, unless you have a pure heart and mind which wants others to succeed and are happy in someone else's victory.


Learn to understand other people’s motives.

He’s been learning boxing and MMA for 5–6 months now and he is getting to know how a mind works in a different setting. he loves it.

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