I know. Lol. The title.

Such a bizarrely funny term. Because, as we know, everyone is different in their approach towards life. And in that Endeavour, one’s good is another one’s bad. The secret is to control your emotions. And not in a cunty was of suppression. Just have a better way to articulate is the best way we can and I know if I can do it anyone can. I want to see all of us happy. This may be because I smoked up or just me trying to be as on and honest as possible.

Coming back to the reason I have this title for you. In some “culture” I'm looked at as a Heartbreaker. I only say this because I have been broken. for most of the times. But now I understand when I thought at that time I had overcome my traumas was just a mirage. I always attracted energies who were broken and wanted to fix them and once they were they left, in-process left me heartbroken and the cycle kept on going because I thought, ‘i’m not gonna change because everyone is a cunt.’ As I grew more and more. Spiritually or whatever you wanna call it. take any hip word for it because I want to be accepted in pop culture.

As I grew, I understood everyone is going through their own hell. Created by them or being a part of it because they like being a victim. I had to gather myself and see through my actions what kind of man I want to be. And don’t get me wrong, the best place on this earth to be is either my heart or in between a wonderful lady’s thigh. Oh, that warm feeling. Give me a bib I’ll eat it too.

All I'm saying is Heartbreaker is a term used more often than it’s required. Check yourself first and then understand yourself. If you don’t like something, change it but don’t worry all the time and make the people around you suffer. I mean you can do that know most of the people who you think were your friends were just around because you must've done something considered cool in pop culture.

Take your time. Real ones will stay. Because they care.

Also, there are some people who can really see through the Bullshit. And they even tell you to be open about things but. Yes, there’s a big hairy butt around the corner. Understand, those people would respect you more if you don’t be a bitch and open up to them. Because they genuinely care. And even if you fail to get that direct exchange of words, you need to really work on yourself. The pretty face can only get you far. This happens in the starting phases of when you like someone.

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