Dreams. What does it mean?

I have no idea how to start this on.

Because most of my dreams are just like that. Already began and have no idea what I am doing there in the first place. Over the years now almost two decades I have been having dreams of all kinds. Nightmares, wet dreams, optimistic dreams and somewhere you wake up like shit in the morning.

My dreams have this sort of screenplay going on where I'm the MAN in the scenario, surrounded with people from my life, some of them who I've never seen since high school. Even the one who I think got away because I refuse to forget about that or I'm just too tired to love all over again. one never knows these days.

I don’t claim I know dream psychology because I've read Freud. it's like saying I know how to hold a downward dog pose. wherein I was just sticking it in, the lady was doing all the biz.

Okay, here it is.

I'm always, in my dreams, having a party or running away from 20 feet long dark matter or fucking on the roadside or sharing an intimate moment with someone who I admire. Admiration changes from time to time. Until they show me their true colours. Because three months is the trial period where both men and women are on their best behaviour. “What a circus.” I don't have that I am just as I was. if not I'm just making myself better. and I don't entertain those stupid schemes these modern women throw out. They think let me do this, let me fuck up his peace, let me make him run to me. It’s not at all romantic, it's a fucking toxic trait.

Most of the self proclaim something or the other. Most of them think that the world revolves around them and the centre of attention where they can’t do jack apart from looking good. Women need to understand that soon they’ll turn 25 and then boom you’ll be like the guy whom you ghost, dry text, treat like shit. that’s just called karma. a concept you are not familiar with. Morden woman lol. I'm not saying everyone is like that because there are some real quality women out there. But men are stupid and have no understanding of how her pretty face doesn't mean a damn thing. while some men are world-class cunts. I would know because I was one once.

Okay, I got sidetracked.

In my dreams most of the times everything is perfect until it's not. I suddenly am taken aback, everything pitch black, sometimes I’m standing sometimes falling. Sometimes I'm running calling everyone. Sometimes trying to find her in the dark.

What are my dreams trying to tell me? Are they telling me “All this you have can and will go in a flash?” OR it is just my subconscious mind working overtime just so I could look deeper into myself and what is it that I really want. Hell, I've met some cool celebrities in my dream. yumm.

It’s always the same screenplay just different characters and yea, the story changes a bit. The ending is the same. I'm all alone in the dark or I just fell from higher ground. But damn the sex feels pretty real. Just like the time I was going down on your sister.

I still keep my head high and get high, blinded by my own faith that everything will work out. digging deep in my soul just to get a grip of how this story holds.

Also, I found a smiley where I can convey a little mystery and a lot of mischiefs. YES, I'm a millennial and yes I still don't understand some of the abbreviations but I've made a new friend and ill catch up to you gen-z.

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