Bashed in the wall.

The past couple of weeks have been something I personally would never think of me doing and still focused on.

Sometimes, Even if you do whatever you can to avert the “crisis” if things are gonna go wrong they, go wrong.

On April 13 my Father and Grandmother were found Covid positive. And I am an ‘Independent’ musician and I write so those are the end side. So I stay with my parents and grandparents. Anyway, me, my mother and my grandfather. we are found negative.

But those last two weeks. It really did something within me. The Constant fear of getting infected, diabetes, blood pressure, oximeter and there was the vomit, pee and shit. Crazy seizures from 6:30 in the morning till 8:00. Still doing whatever we can (my mother and I)

The ambulance being 9 hours late. To my surprise, I was handling my chain of thoughts well and still being able to do whatever I did. Oh, the Money. the hassle of not finding any hospital bed so they (Father and grandmother) had to shift to a hospital in Anand.

This just goes to show we all have to understand the severity of this situation and take extra care. but still, be ready for the worst and put on your big boy pants and get to fucking work. I'm talking to every gender of every age. Because I had to run out to get the reports and all and every medical facility swamped with people wearing masks and handling personal oxygen cylinders. every family member looking like they took a hike in this heat. Things are seriously fucked and guess what, we all are responsible for this. Let’s move past this fingering.

There are many pieces of information in social media and some exceptional people are helping out, doing their bit. It’s okay if you don’t want to help out. just help yourselves and your family. Being in panic mode and not thinking rationally is completely in your hands. your mind is your mind, you control it.

Because God helps those who help themselves

Here are some pieces of information I have gathered around in those weeks and generating.

Medicines to give

Ambulance on rent

09099004779 | 09979797108

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