Bad co.

Dirty for dirty

Doublecross for doublecross

These are the lines from a song by Bad company named Bad company. It just showed up on my Spotify playlist. It was the theme song at once, I can't even remember it. But I remember the feeling and when I heard it after all this time. BOOM.

And just like in the movies, everything around him changes and lift him up and throws him to another time. Young and crazy. Oh! reckless.

I hate revenge stories. especially if it’s in between two good friends. collectively gutting three of us. He included. Now when I look back. It was bad. Shouldn't have done that.

It’s getting hot out here in Ahmedabad. Fam still killing it. Some bridges are burning, somewhere the storm is passing and on to the next adventure. There’s someone even waving at me. Quality.

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