I was born and brought up in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is a city in Gujarat, India. The suburbs were I was raised. At nights I use to watch Channel V and MTV. Once I had a liberty to watch Television at night. Because there was this lady working with my mother and she was spending the night. In her 20’s she knew all the cool stuff and she was the one whom with I saw the first English music video and it was “Thriller by MJ”. It felt like thousands of good things happening all at once. Since that day I always use to watch the music videos from another country (Yes it was a big deal then).

Guns’n’Roses, Backstreet Boys, Ricky Fucking Martin. But it was Slash from G’n’R which caught my eye. From that moment I decided to learn guitar. It took me almost 7 years to man up and rive above all the stuff which was going on at the time with my family. Never looked back from then on. I played with a couple of bands which you have never heard of. I and some juniors use to form a band and make some ridiculous names. I was obsessed with the band Green day (Oh yes, a Marijuana reference).

I use to dress up like him with low hanging guitar and red tie and eyeliner and what not. i LOVE entertaining people. Then i met a girl and was inside out. we hung out, had inordinate amount of fun, Loathed each other, came back and fought and that was it. It was over. When all this was happening i started scribbling. Wrote lame songs about how my life is rocknroll. and how we travel all the time. Some dark songs like Fuck you down the street and how money is our demise and all. It was fun. Fun it was.

I went to Mumbai to learn about sound engineering but didn’t complete because i was a douche. Came back to Ahmedabad, worked some pretty shady job, Job that kinda get you into trouble and you might end up in jail. There was something different about Ahmedabad after i came back from Mumbai.

The Music Scene was fading. People don’t want to discover anything new. It was the time where everyone wanted to be cool and Bollywood and Hip Hop and all the same songs and nothing else. The only cultural thing you can see in Ahmedabad is Food stalls; We amdavadis (That’s what we call ourselves.) love food and damn them sweet tooth.

I had an Idea. what if I make a website and take all the art from local artist and display to the people for free. My title as Business Development Executive and digital marketing head came in handy. This website. ronilphilips.com will mark a dent in Ahmedabad’s history. Because you will all know the amount of talent we have and what can we do with it is not imaginable to a normal human. This website is a hub of getting all the insights of The culture which is losing its grip. What I want. Is to help artists with promoting their art by my writing. My views on today’s world, my poetry, my stories. But most of all. It is for the artists by the people who believe in music and loves Ahmedabad. It is going to be the hub for all the artists for collaborating, working and much more.