Man I love women.
This post. I don’t know if it will move you one way or other because this is my truth. How do I feel about the most exotic creatures in the world. Women.
Every single one of you have ability to make me fall for you. I have been in love with you since I have made in touch with your emotions. The way you care, the way you put your hair behind your ear, the way you play with your hair when you’re working. That smile you give when I say something completely out of the way. The way you do things for people around you, the way you bite your lip, making something to eat even when its not necessary because you know that’s what I need. So selfless and true.
The way your voice shivers when you are sad, the way you kiss when you’re filled with joy.
How can I forget the look you give when you are relieved of some stress bothering you, the way you hug someone you love. The way you look at your curves after wearing that dress when you’re meeting him. When you do something for people around you because you believe in something and you blow off your saving for it. And damn those eyes. It’s a whole different universe in it. I find myself lost every time I see it. The way you catch men staring at you and get a bit uncomfortable.
The selfless ability to give up everything for the person you love.
Oh how you can be a well behaved human and how you not give a rats ass at the same time. I find myself crazily in love with you. And how you strongly believe in me and put up with my insecurities.
How you hold me when I’m vulnerable. How you love someone when everyone around tells you that they are a lost cause.
And when you wake me up with a pillow fight get on top of me and asks me who’s the boss? I cant help it but say “You’re on top of him”
How you fight for your rights and stand for equality. Where in fact you were always above us. And that scares the shit of some men and they try to make believe you into thinking you are beneath them.
You, women all you are above all. Believe that.
Many of you have master the art of conversation. Some of you are still figuring it out what it’s all about. Few of you have this innate ability to convey what you feel through your music. I feel blessed to be around you.
Most men do it because they want woman. I do it because I love you. I’ve dedicated my life to the written word. Picking up chicks is really not my thing. I hate the facade.
Let’s not talk about me lets talk about you.
Women, if I could bottle the smell of your skin after our courtship it could sell millions and millions. I don’t wash my bed sheet for a long time because somehow I feel close to you. Then again I have to throw it because another one gets her period all over.

As humans we are so desperate to feel something, anything and we keep falling into each others arms. What a circus.

You’ll say “But Ronil if we meet people and not be intimate with them how do we know we can be with them.” I get it. I truly do. But you don’t have to keep banging your head in a wall when you don’t get the love you deserve. Just leave.
I may express my love for women in unorthodox ways. Such as being extremely promiscuous but I don’t play with emotions. While I have pulled plenty of wicked stuff to all the men.
Me really likes dem women.

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