Silverback Fam is a Brand which Ronil and Jayesh opened up as a gesture to give back to their Local music and art scene.  As a Kid Ronil was always fascinated by music from the overseas. RocknRoll, Blues, RnB, Rap he loved it and after he saw Guns’n’Roses on Mtv taken away by the guitar riffs and solo. He then enrolled to learn music from the best institute in Ahmedabad Music Center. Ran by Lenny Kisku. Ask Ronil who is the best guitarist he will say Lenny’s name, everything about music he has learned from him.

As time passed, he was getting good at playing guitar. He played small shows here and there as a singer and a rhythm guitarist and a frontman. It wasn’t until two years two of Lenny’s student came to meet him looking for a bass player. Lenny recommended Ronil and from then on he was practicing day in day out to better his bass playing skill. Because he never learned bass guitar but Lenny had faith in him so he did it. After 7 or 8 months of jamming with the band they named the band “SACRED”. Lead guitarist Malav was able to land a gig at CEPT university. This was a time around 2011 and CEPT considered as a holy grail for the underground music scene.

The gig was amazing and everyone praised them, after that show they were getting shows and having fun. That didn’t last long. There are few unreleased songs. Ronil is planning to release under Silverback Fam label.

After the disband of SACRED he went to Mumbai For Sound Engineering met Anay Pantojee. Who is the smartest man he has known till now. Anay was responsible for Ronil’s more knowledge into music and ART. Two knuckle heads Abhay and Anshul they came at his place once to smoke up and have a good time. They hit it off from the start and the friendship grew. People came along and they formed HIGH LIFE STUDIOS INDIA. It was not until 2014 Ronil was a complete part of it. The endeavour went on great, unexpected and they were all loving it. But, Ronil had to move back to Ahmedabad due to some family problems and his anger issues.

He met a girl and it didn’t worked out. He started a job and in a year he was everyone’s favourite there.  But he looked like he was missing something and he didn’t belong there. Because his heart was in music and entertainment. He didn’t like the pop culture because it was not doing any good to the local talent. Long story short he left the job but he still keep in touch with the CEO. while all this was happening he Had met an old acquaintance and he became his closest friend Joel Mogera.

Joel and Ronil created videos together. They wrote a book about how you can live like a king and are working daily on something new.

JAYESH, Jayesh was Joel’s student and Ronil became friends with him and they both created a strong bond. His heavy metal and other musical influences affected Ronil so did Ronil’s.

One fine day they were discussing about lots of things that’s when Ronil told Jayesh about his vision. How he wants to give back and create exceptional music asked him if he wanted to partner up in this journey. Journey to create a brand which will be the hub for all the artists and open a record label.