Mahila Manch is a community who does workshops, campaigns, protest, and even comedy for a women-friendly India.


This is a platform for women to express themselves, in word and action!

It’s about the time when women take hold of what’s going on and speak their mind. Tomorrow is gonna be amazing.

There’s a show. An all-women show.

Don’t worry men, we can also go there. They believe in equality. They’ll let us in.

Tomorrow. Which is 29th July at the Prakash High School Auditorium, opposite Sandesh Press 7.30 pm onwards

An all women line-up. Along with some amazing parodies by actress Deeksha Joshi and rock artist Nicolette Gore Have lent their voices and perform.

Click here to register for the event

Click here to RSVP the event.

As I said before.




So. Karan and Arjun can come.

Stand up performers::


They talk about some normal human stuff which our society is so hell-bent on sweeping under the rug.

Click here to register for the event

With show host: Preeti Das

It’s going to be a blast.

Entry by registration… Go to the Mahila Manch Facebook page @MahilaManchIndia and register.

Or come a bit early for spot registration.

Looking forward to your presence.


And don’t worry if you have children. They have one dedicated green room for kids so they can have fun.

See the rehearsals for the show HERE…  You will love it if you are gangs of wasseypur fan.


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Deeksha Joshi - @deekshajoshiofficial

Aarti Nair  - @rtnair91

Aarti Boriya - @rjaartib

Shefali Pandey - @shefalipandey

Vidya - @VidyaMMI

Pooja Vijay - @jujvijay

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