There are many musicians in Ahmedabad and Siddharth Bhayani has been in the scene from 2008  and it goes on.  Siddharth who was a drummer is now a DJ known as Shotgun.

If this was a audio or video I would have played a shotgun fire sound for the ambiance. Since it isn’t you have do it for me 😉

I’ve know him from the Ahmedabad rock scene in 2008, His band -1 degree was a tight punk band, the stage presence was crazy and the rush was commendable.



He started drumming because of an incident with her girlfriend at that time and this guy has a good name for himself as a drummer, a lefty drummer yes there is this thing called lefty drummer.


He was in Vadodara and formed a band  and called -1degree when he came to Ahemdabad, which actually became THE tight band. Though, as a lefty drummer he had to carry lots of his own equipments whenever they did a show. This band released their album which was trashy filled with stunts and stuff, an aggressive band sound. And they were pretty fvcking good. I’v seen them play countless times and every time they have something new to offer.

After a while he started adding some sounds live, electronic sampling and all. But unexpectedly the band dissolved in 2014 probably. After that he went on to a path of Electronic music Production, Learning from youtube and more, His area of focus was psychedelic music. He followed artist like Infected mushrooms.

His curiosity led him to where he is right now. HE us to be curious about the songs and how the song has been made what kind of sound has been used what beat was abrupt and the drop. When ever he likes a song he tries to see how it has been made.

“Kids, don’t ever stop being Curious because the school system is anyways flawed. They make robots and not leaders or thinkers. Education is a must but school system is Fvcked”


This reminds me of one incident i had in school. I had never failed until i was in 7th grade. I remember i failed in Maths i got 17 out of 50, 20 being the passing marks. I studied hard for the next test because who likes to fail right. What happened next was undeniably stupid. I failed in not one but two subjects. It was something science or geography.

I had answered all the questions and i failed, i went to teacher to recheck my paper because i knew i worked hard for this and i knew i wasn’t the brightest but i certainly do not fail. So, i told teacher to check it again and i kew the answers were right. What she said made me question the whole school system. She told me i have to write exactly whats given in the text book and been given by her. to which i said “The meaning is the same and it justifies  the question, it’s not wrong”

“No, you have to write the same which i have given” teacher said

“But it’s the same, the answer is same.”

“NO, you will not get marks for that. You have to write exactly the same”

Since then i understood, you are not given pat on the back for originality, it’s how goos you are in copying and pasting the same and being a teacher’s bitch gets you a pat on back. I immediately stopped giving a rats ass about school from that point.


Anyways, i got a bit lost.

Back to our Shotgun.

He learned from youtube and the tutorials of FL studios and other softwares and he released an album; titled as SUN GOD by the name North Axis Project. Influenced by all the Indian instruments like Tabla, sitar and much more.

It was an experimental process for him, Slowly and gradually he discovered himself and came up with a new name Shotgun. 

He came up with a song Called INDIA.

You have no idea the amount of work he puts in. He is also an architect a good one and he runs his website – The Architect’s Diary where he shows every great architecture in the city and get people informed about happening in the city.

He was so generous to let me help release his song on my website and Soundcloud and the release party at Theka near Sindhubhavan. I was a ballsy move from our end to release it there because the audience there is different, but the love and support we got was wonderful; which can only mean that people are opening up to new kind of things and new music and exploring of what is happening around in the city.

I am thankful that he considered me to release the song from the website and was patient with in all the Marketing and branding.


He is coming up with lots of projects and is working like a beast. 

God speed to you man, Many more to come.

We even did a video


Say hi to him on social media – shotgun_india

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