Last Sunday the weather was humid, couldn’t even stand outside and smoke a cigarette.

But you know nothing can stop me from having a great time.

I met Sheldon Fernandes. Sheldon is kickass guitarist in Ahmedabad. He comes under the class of best guitarists in Ahmedabad. And damn his place has crazy view.

Sheldon has been playing guitar since 7-8 years. And has been a part of Ahmedabad underground music scene.

He comes from a family of good musicians. His father plays great flute and his sister is a good vocalist. While he was growing up his major influence was classic rock.


He started off with classic rock. And then Rock & blues. Moving on to Jazz and all. He picked up Metal.

That was a surprise for him too.

He started playing songs from Iron maiden, judas priest, Metallica , Megadeath. At that time all these bands were most trending things. With killer metal and double bass.

All these and let me tell you it was some wild time in Ahmedabad.

Now Sheldon has mellow down. He’s more into Jazz and Blues and all.

He said “The dust has settled”

“But the music goes on” I said

Funny thing –

When I asked him how many guitars he’s got he said

“I only have two guitars. One electric and one acoustic. I am not a rich guitarist”

Sheldon’s equipments :
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Electric guitar
  • Boss ME-70 multi effects processor
  • Scarlett 2i4 for recording

He’s went on thru a lot of trouble getting all these things as collecting money for this is not easy. He loves all the DIY stuff.

When I asked him what does he thinks about the Ahmedabad scene right now. He said

“Earlier when I started off, the rock scene and the people and the crowd, everything was cream. I am not saying it has gone down in drain now. It was happy movement at that time. Because there were like minded musicians. There were like mind people. Lot of things to share with each other. As time passed, everything has come to internet. So people sit in there homes and start putting out covers and all”
“But it’s nice to see the culture is growing musical taste. People are slowing accepting different genres.”

And as the market is now running by EDM and Bollywood and all. It’s sad to see this but as a musicians we have to adapt and do our thing.

It is a struggling journey for every musician. But there’s a light in the end of the tunnel.

  • What do you think about social media and how does a musicians use it to their advantage?

“It’s a really good platform for any kind of artist. There are many platform such as reverberation, sound cloud, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram. Recently Instagram came up with IGTV. So Musicians like me are very keen on putting content for more than 1 minute. But that doesn’t stop there. It is a wonderful place to get gigs from, meet like minded musicians and make network strong.”

“Yes, it’s not meant only for stalking.” I said.

“I mean. You can stalk musicians and hear their songs. I don’t know what kind of stalking you are talking about.” Sheldon said laughing.

  • People Have a misconception. If you are popular enough. Signed and sealed from Europe of USA then only they will listen to it. They don’t want to try things out. Why is that?

“This is a interesting topic to talk about as it is very less talked about. You know, People who listen to a lot of music they only listen to certain selected music and artist. They feel that this is good so I’m not going anywhere. They wont go out and listen to some emerging artist. They don’t want to listen to their originals. They are focus on covers. AS now people are coming to a show or anything like that, an artist can always throw out their originals. Even when they don’t want to listen to them they have to listen to them. So that can attract people and makes a difference. Going live is also much important.”

  • What do you think, Ahmedabad will be in next five years?

“Never really thought about it. But people like you and Nicolette are pushing and taking the scene forward. It’s all dry now and monsoon can be a bitch for musicians. 5 years from now. If there are like minded people and if this effort keeps going on there’s going to be a change. Like me, I am happy and always here to support you guys. You are doing a really great job. And keep on ding it.”

It’s always fun to have a chat with brutally honest people. who are very supportive of the community and are kick ass musicians.

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