Man, I have been gone for long. I was active on other social mediums though.


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I missed this. Hitting the keys to make something. I couldn’t find time to write. Or I was too lazy to sit my ass down and write. I have been putting it on hold.

I have putting lot of things on hold. I don’t know. I am procrastinating like a bitch.

I don’t have enough motivation for it. I am scared because from this point on it is levelling up the game.

I love how it all has turn out in a year, and the future looks great. Ahmedabad is one of the best city. We are rich in culture and arts and entertainment. There is much more than food and sitting at a tapri.

I have to keep on doing more and then some more. This dream I have comes with a price. I lost contacts with some of my close friends. Some friends became bitter enemies. At least that’s what they like to think. I don’t give a rats ass.


Family has been a constant help and the dirtiest enemy. I don’t talk to some of my family members because I don’t want to now.


I have been running around Ahmedabad. Finding the best artists to work and associate with Silverback Fam.

(Show some love).

For a long time there has been this debate going on around, which is. Ahmedabad has noting for artists here. And to some extant it was true. It is still true.

Let me shine a light on you. What is going on here.

Is There are few music classes, few music cafes, couple of recording studios. Which have a very low level street mentality.

They don’t want any other artists to come up other than them. In all this there are groups created.

When a new budding artist goes out there to get knowledge about Ahmedabad music scene. All they get is all the wrong reasons for looking down on other musicians and negativity within the city.


Cricolitics release with Blind’s people association.

How do you expect the culture and music to grow if some people are selfish and use the new artists talent.

We as a city and as artists in Ahmedabad have to unite. Listen to each other, collaborate together. Do not get angry when the artist you know collaborates with someone you don’t like. Some of them are still finding their beat, genre, themselves in the art they produce/create. You will be shaping new musicians. And in that endeavour this self proclaim best attitude won’t get you any where.

I was sad when I saw this and experience it first hand. Receiving an advice to not to work with one artist. Because my friend at that time had little altercation with that artist. Bunch of little divas, whose parents didn’t smack their head when they were actually kids.

It’s good though. I got to know who actually cared about Ahmedabad’s music community and not about themselves.

After Spirit of Woodstock

cutest thing ever!

The charity event.

Last year has been amazing. Many shows. Music concerts, art exhibition, writers meet and more. Love it.

I will take some time for Ahmedabad to make noise because it was poisonous and negative to some extent.

But it will come around..

TO all my friends and family. I know we have been distant lately but you gotta understand. I never wanted to settle for the most accepted and financial stable lifestyle.



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