It will be a year for this website and almost 7 to 10 months working with Nicolette (Founder) Sunday secret Sessions.

Working on the bigger picture, helping Ahmedabad artists heard. Making AMD as a part of the arts, cultural and entertainment hub. My Company or whatever you may call it The Silverback Fam have been working with them to take indie scene ahead.

Been meeting with some of the most talented and hardworking musicians in Ahmedabad through SSS.

Been kind of fortunate to get an alliance this early at the start.

Recently, from the month or March, we have been working together to get the word out for Ahmedabad artists.

A big contribution logistics, food and good vibes. With nice coffee. SSS and Silverback Fam have started working with Zoola cafe.

Zoola cafe was the sponsor for bravo women concert.

You can read about the show bravo women here : #bravowomen

SSS Started curating local artists, which will be performing every Wednesday at Zoola cafe.

Mid-week music sessions. 

We kicked-off our mid-week session with the founder of SSS,  Nicolette Gore.

She released her EP in 2016 titled “Gaiya”


Then came in Akshita Patel with Sheldon.

Akshita’s voice is like no other. In my opinion, distinctive voice in Ahmedabad.

Rather uplifting.

A mix of Country, pop, blues and all. Akshita and Sheldon did I great job.

You have to come to Zoola every Wednesday evening to see the amazing artists Ahmedabad has to offer.



Previous Wednesday came in Debolina and Vayam.

They came with some really cool jazz, pop and blues numbers. Debolina also played on of her original.



Ahmedabad is changing and opening up to our very own local artists. This month is dedicated to women musicians.

Next month is dedicated to Reggae and indie artists.

This month is not yet over, come to Zoola cafe every Wednesday to getaways from the rat race and enjoy our local artists.


In recent establishments. Silverback Fam and SSS have collaborated with an amazing studio in Ahmedabad.

Tree house studio where every month we will curate an artist who will record a song. Be it original or cover.

This step to take the music in Ahmedabad forward, with the goal of thinking Ahmedabad as a whole, we will take our artists to new heights.

If you want to be a part of this collaboration get in touch with Sunday Secret Sessions. They take care of artists and all.



Get in touch with SSS – @sundaysecretsessions
Silverback Fam – @silverbackfam
Zoola cafe – @zoolacafe
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