May month signifies many things, one of which is the 60th Foundation Day of Gujarat and International labour day.


Also known an labour day in some countries and often referred to May Day. May Day is a celebration of working class and labours. Promoted by International Labour Movement, happens every year.
May Month starts with Hip-hop and rap. Gully boy did stir up some curiosity and acceptance for this genre but there is a lot more to it.
These Mid-week music sessions curated Sunday Secret Sessions Started on March 2019 at Zoola cafe. Since then it is an on-going event every Wednesday.
This week’s artists were Aniket Bhat and Aghori Muzik. Aniket goes by the name “Siyaahi” and Aghori muzik is a group of bilingual rappers based out of Ahmedabad.
Show started with Aniket. Aniket has real command over his rhymes, he’s got crazy flow and he can be fast too. He doesn’t write about the pop stuff such as women, cars, money and all. He talks about his life, he tells his story and his truth which sets him apart from other rappers.
Them came Aghori Muzik. they’ve been a part of this underground hip-hop community with Aniket since 5 years.
The whole set was amazing. Crowd loved it and was dancing to it.

Again, Thank you for showing up every Wednesday even in this AMD heat. Your love and support is what motivates us to do more.

In the beautiful sound of music we hear an outraged, trembling voice. Turns out there is a house beside the cafe and an Uncle staying there started shouting. He said a lot of stupid things and the use of profanity was sick. Later on we found out he wanted us to put the volume low, which was already taken care of. Some people.
That didn’t stopped us. Siyaahi and Aghori started rapping while Binkit Rao was beat-boxing. It felt like an underground scene, like a cypher happening in Ahmedabad. A great way to end the gig.
More gigs to come. Stay updated for Mid-week music sessions.
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