Before I talk about this, let me tell you a story when I started playing live. I started playing live in 2010. Living in Ahmedabad, all I could get was to play in garba. Before the wedding day, Us christian community have a dance party the night before.

I was to play there for 3 hours. I was super excited as I had bought a new pedal. Played my heart out and people loved it. When I asked for payment all I got was Rs.100. Yes 100 Rupees that’s it. When I asked for more, was told the exposure given to me. Why do you want money? wherein they bagged lot of money. 

Coming to Exposure phenomena. What is exposure phenomena?

It is when a Corporate company, cafe or any big event company calls musicians to promote their event for 2 to 3 hours. Talking about how big the event is gonna be and who all are coming and what not. Those shiny objects of sorts. Musicians get excited about all this and start planning their songs and all.

As an artist they create :

  • a set list for the show

  • The transportation

  • The instruments

  • Sometimes sound

After all this. They come and play their heart out and at the time of payment the big event companies become their real self. Blame something or the other on the artist. And turn it all on the artist.

Those fuckers come and say. 

  • “It was a good gig but here were complaints from the audience.”
  • “We are running low on budget so we can’t pay you”
  • “You have gotten enough exposure to play tonight”
  • “Do two three more shows and we will pay you”

Wherein they forget that they needed musicians to play in their cafe so people come around. They need musicians in their corporate event because they want to impress some big shots to get a deal done. (Which they do. Fondling their balls and getting in deep.)

And dear lord. The weddings. All they want to do is boast about the wedding all over the social media. Letting people know how big their wedding was and there was a live band playing and all.

I don’t have anything against it. To each its own. Whatever makes you happy. I could care less.

All I want y’all to take is pay them. Understand their struggle. Giving them exposure is bullshit way to make them play at your event or place for your profit.

There’s a special place reserved for people like them in hell.

Give them a chance to play their original songs. Don’t be always telling them to play the pop songs. If you want pop songs played call the real singer or artists. I bet they won’t have the balls to do it.

I want all the Ahmedabad artists and local artist around India to stand your ground and unite. Abolish this exposure phenomena. The moment we all unite and demand money for our art. Which is our work. Those wanna be big shots think there’s no value for artist and we should be glad because we are getting to play. Because exposure. HAHA it’s funny to me.

Social media is doing our work for us. Create great content and put it on social media. You have your exposure there. Plenty of it.

To end this and come to conclusion.

Unite together as artists and ask for your worth. Everyone wants good music. Everyone wants live music. Everyone wants to boast about things they did. Everyone wants to make money. If we stand and unite they have to pay us.


There are community such as SUNDAY SECRET SESSIONS in Ahmedabad.
I have a record label and am always looking out for artist with original content.

                        UNITE TOGETHER BITCH! 

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