It will be exactly a year since I started this website and The Silverback FAM. Website started off to show people Ahmedabad is much more than just food and wannabe Bollywood/Hollywood crap.

Have nothing against them but there’s not much originality because of it.  

So, me along with Jayesh went on meeting all sorts of musicians, Filmmakers, writers etc.

There are some amazing musicians, some learning and wanting to grow, some peeps who call themselves musicians. You cant be a musicians if you know 3 chords.

Anyways, we filtered out the artists and started working with them, made vlogs, wrote about them, made music with them, learned a lot from them. 

The team started growing, people started talking. 

The ultimate tie up between Silverback Fam and  Sunday secret sessions because of the same vision. 

We want to put Ahmedabad on the map for having amazing Arts, cultural and entertainment scene. 

Uplift each other.

The recent tie up with Zoola cafe goes to show how our locals also want to hear good music from local artists. 

Every Wednesday from 8:00 to 10:00 Artists Curated by SSS and supported by Silverback Fam will be performing. 

We have women performers this month.

Which reminds me to tell you about the Grandest celebration of women in the fields of arts, music and literature. 


It was the best thing to watch. Usually Women try to keep other women down in general. 

It was magical. Women helping each others to rise up and pledging for equality and not being dominant. 

Here are some pictures. 

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