Women have been an integral part of our lives.

They’re probably the only ones which makes us humans.

The one that keep you humble

Grounded and in check with ourselves.


This international women’s day not only we celebrate women of love and affection but we also salute to those women who stood for themselves, fought for their dreams, demanded equality, challenged the status quo and stood beside her man and equally loved his dreams as her’s.


CLICK here to come to the event.  – #BravoWomen


We are coming up with a grand celebration of women by women “Bravo Women”

The event is gonna be filled with music, dance, art display, literature and much more. The amount of talent we have in Ahmedabad is unfathomable.

And women have started supporting the arts, culture and entertainment from local artists.


This will be a stepping stone for ahmedabad.


CLICK here to come to the event.  – #BravoWomen


be a part of change.

Breaking the stereotypes

Contribute to the arts



It’s about time we both stand together for greater good.

Being an alpha male is to understand

To help,

Be truthful

To work towards greater good

And to leave a legacy behind.

All other thing is BS.


Join women in celebrating and supporting the local artists.


Mark the date – 8th March

Time – 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Venue – IDEAL off Sindhubhavan road. After Anand Niketan joey’s campus



CLICK here to come to the event.  – #BravoWomen


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