This is a public announcement.

Calling out all the creators from Ahmedabad. I have been working with some amazing people from Ahmedabad and I consider myself fortunate to have work with them. Thankful all of you out there to understand the vision on how I want to let the world know about the culture and arts in my city. 

2018 had been the most productive year yet and I have not even started. Man, 2k18. You tried knocking me out but you can’t knock a man down when he’s true to himself. Past year has been as crazy and as fast as rabbits fornicate. 

It did put a lot of things in perceptive about how I want to take my brand, my youtube videos and my music.  for some time I had been out of this creator tag because I was dealing with some heavy stuff… That’s for some other day. Today! Today I feel thankful and rock hard about my future endeavours. I am working on some real cool projects. If you are a photographer, actor, model, musician, writer get in touch. 

I am myself filtering out some cool creators who I can work with. 

I’ll let you in on some stuff. 

I am working on my EP. 3 songs EP complete acoustic. Just me and my guitar. Songs written by me. 

Working on a rap project with our very own Ahmedabad rapper thug monk. 

I might get my poems publish. Well, depends on the publishing house. I’ll let you know about it. Even if I get rejected because failure is a part of the game and you gotta learn from it. My love for Ahmedabad has grown through time because of the value it holds. 

Another one is a secret project. You’ll know when it comes out on youtube. 

And DAyyum! The Silverback Fam, that’s another level. 

I am so happy about the fact that Ahmedabad musicians, artist and photographers have come to use the power of social media and influence people. 

Yes kids! Internet is where you can get to know, learn and create a lots of things other then just making it a wank machine. It’s supposed to set us free not turn us into some kind of monster where we forget about our own country.

I mean there are some real issues but we talk about how we have learnt to accept the stuff which already other states have done it. Just to be in the game.

I’m up for it nothing against you but we have lot of important issues at our hands.

What’s with extra marital affairs being legal? We’re a cool country where it’s okay to destroy a marriage? What the fuck!

Our main focus should be on poverty, cleanliness and creating jobs for artists and all the things. And what’s with the name changing yogi?

We live in a country with the most diverse religions. We have female gods too.

But the real question is. Why this gorgeous, shimmering country of ours is so hell bent on destroying its female population.


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