It’s  been a long time coming.

If you remember i told you guys about me working on a short film as an assistant director and Music director. It was one experience working with Shreeji films.

Here are the links from where you can stream or download the song. Thanks!

Here are the Behind the scenes.





A story of a village boy who dreamt of being a successful sportsman and will to play for the country. He was kicked out of his father’s house because his father was always against sports.  He never lost hope and worked towards his dreams. Won many prizes and recognition. But there were many complications on the way and his life took a very major turn.  Nothing Made sense. Stay tuned for the movie.  Here is the trailer for the same.

I created a song for this. “Lo aa gaya”


Written by  Darshni Shah and sung by Viklap Kataria

Here are the links for all the devices.


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